April 21, 2024

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Fells Point Baltimore Md’s 5 Best Pubs

Exploring the Charm of Fells Point Baltimore MD’s Pub Scene

Nestled within the heart of Baltimore, Fells Point serves not only as a cobblestoned capsule of maritime history but also as a bustling hub for some of the most unique and vibrant pubs in the city. Fells Point Baltimore MD has long captivated locals and visitors alike with its waterfront charm and architectural peculiarities, all whispering tales of the sea-faring souls that once walked its streets. It’s precisely within these time-honored walls that the local pub culture flourishes, infusing the historical significance of Fells Point with a convivial nightlife spirit that is second to none.

The essence of Fells Point Baltimore as a nightlife destination is unlike any other, with its eclectic blend of authenticity and contemporary flair drawing in diverse crowds. The selection criteria for the best pubs here include not only the clinking glasses of loyal patrons but also the ambiance that promises both familiarity and discovery. We’ve considered customer reviews that pour out love for the local haunts, the exceptional breadth of beer and whiskey selections, and the warmth of atmospheres filled with laughter and music that seamlessly blend into the historic narrative of Fells Point Baltimore MD.

The Authentic Irish Experience at Sláinte Pub in Fells Point Baltimore

Sláinte Pub stands as a beacon of Irish tradition in the heart of Fells Point Baltimore. This establishment’s history is steeped in the rich tapestry of community and camaraderie. With walls that could tell a thousand stories, the whiff of Guinness and the echo of traditional Celtic music offer a genuine slice of Ireland on American shores.

Upon entry, patrons are immediately greeted by a décor that tips its hat to the old country — dark wooden panels, family crests, and a bar that shines under the soft, inviting lights. Embraced by the mature and the young-at-heart alike, the clientele is a fine representation of Fells Point Baltimore MD’s diverse culture.

A look at the pub’s menu is akin to a tour through Ireland’s finest breweries and distilleries. From velvety pints of stout to rare Irish whiskies, the selection caters to new enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Testimonials from locals often point to Sláinte’s authenticity, earning it accolades within and beyond the city limits.

Special events at Sláinte are galore: think live music that charms your evenings and trivia nights that challenge your wit, making it a true gem amongst the pubs here in Fells Point.

Fell’s Point (MD) (Images of America)

Fell's Point (MD) (Images of America)


“Fell’s Point (MD) (Images of America)” is a captivating visual journey through one of Baltimore’s most historic and vibrant neighborhoods. This book is part of the esteemed “Images of America” series, which celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country. Each page is filled with stunning black and white photographs that bring the rich maritime past and the enduring spirit of Fell’s Point to life. History enthusiasts and residents alike will appreciate the detailed images that capture everything from the bustling shipyards of the 18th century to the charming cobblestone streets and iconic row homes.

The book meticulously documents Fell’s Point’s transformation over the centuries, exploring its role in the War of 1812, its immigration stories, and its preservation efforts that saved it from urban renewal plans. Readers will find themselves immersed in stories that illustrate how the neighborhood evolved into the unique melting pot it is today, driven by the industriousness and diversity of its inhabitants. Each photograph is accompanied by insightful captions that offer context and anecdotes about the locale’s colorful past. The archival images not only showcase landmarks and famous events but also the day-to-day life of the people who call Fell’s Point home.

“Fell’s Point (MD) (Images of America)” serves as a fitting tribute to this cherished Baltimore district and is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the city’s development. Both educational and nostalgic, the book makes it easy for readers to imagine the sound of shipbuilders at work and the lively commerce that defined the neighborhood in its early days. It is an excellent addition to any Marylanders coffee table or a historian’s collection of American heritage. Whether as a gift or personal keepsake, this pictorial history ensures the legacy of Fell’s Point will be admired for generations to come.

Category Information
Location Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Population 4,282 (according to latest available data)
County Baltimore City County
Livability Considered one of the best places to live in Maryland, offers a dense urban feel
Housing Most residents rent their homes
Retail and Dining Abundant antique stores, music stores, other specialty shops, restaurants, coffee bars, municipal markethouse with stalls
Pubs and Nightlife Over 120 pubs
Walkability Highly walkable neighborhood, especially recommended along the waterfront Promenade
Promenade A walkway that stretches through several neighborhoods including Canton, Fells Point, Harbor East, to Federal Hill and beyond
Historical Significance One of the original three settlements of Baltimore City, directly linked to maritime trade and development of the city
Maritime Heritage Famed for historic Clipper Ships’ construction and operation out of Fells Point

The Rustic Charm of The Wharf Rat at Fells Point

In the constellation of Fells Point Baltimore’s pubs, The Wharf Rat is a star that shines with rusticity and maritime allure. Its historical ties with Baltimore’s seafaring past are as sturdy as the vessels that once graced the nearby docks.

The Wharf Rat stands out with brick walls and wooden signs that transport you to an era where sailors sought warmth after a long journey at sea. It’s a place where the local brew flows as richly as the tales of yore, complemented by a nautical theme that’s as authentic as the neighborhood’s cobblestone streets.

The Wharf Rat isn’t just a drinking spot; it’s a cultural bastion that celebrates Fells Point’s legacy. Patrons and community members often hail the pub’s commitment to preserve the maritime heritage through its ambiance, offerings, and ever-welcoming doors.

An exclusive chat with the owners sheds light on their philosophy of preserving the soul of Fells Point Baltimore, while satisfied customers speak volumes about this heritage haven’s contributions to the area’s charm.

Image 2097

Craft Beers and Harbor Views at the Fells Point Tavern

The Fells Point Tavern, a relative newcomer to the scene, has quickly cemented its position as a beloved spot that offers a harmonious blend of modern craft and stunning vistas. Positioned to afford unparalleled views of the harbor, this tavern invites guests to savor a panorama of Baltimore’s waterfront while indulging in Maryland’s finest brews.

The craft beer list here is meticulously curated, with an emphasis on local Maryland breweries. It’s a craft beer enthusiast’s paradise that also affords a taste of Regional novelties for the adventurous hop-heads.

With smart, modern décor that maximizes the ambience of its picturesque location, Fells Point Tavern stands as a testament to the evolving ethos of the area’s pub culture. As Federal Hill Baltimore artisans and brewers often cross paths here, they infuse the Tavern with a creative spirit truly indicative of the city’s diversity.

The pub’s role in not just serving but also shaping market trends is evident in their events that often celebrate the craft and graft of the local brewing community, solidifying Fells Point Tavern’s place on Baltimore’s dynamic nightlife map.

Federal Hill Baltimore Meets Fells Point at The Horse You Came In On Saloon

The Horse You Came In On Saloon is as much a part of American history as the storied streets it resides on. Proclaimed as America’s oldest saloon, this joint brings to Fells Point a honky-tonk vibe that mingles effortlessly with the echoes of history.

Musicians strumming tunes reminiscent of those heard up on Federal Hill Baltimore mix with the cacophony of animated conversations, creating a distinctly Baltimorean symphony. The compelling mix of music and entertainment on offer here draws both locals and tourists, acting as a vital artery pumping vivacity into Fell’s Point Baltimore MD’s economy.

Beyond entertainment, the Saloon’s selection of refreshments and bites is as broad as its history, featuring Maryland’s treasured flavors that enchant first-timers and regulars alike. The tales of ghostly visitors add a dash of mystique to an experience that’s already rich with history and charm.

As you engage with the Saloon’s folklore and throw back a Jack Daniels, once preferred by Edgar Allen Poe himself, you’re indulging in more than just a drink – you’re becoming a part of the narrative that makes Fells Point Baltimore so endearing.

Imagekind Wall Art Print Entitled Baltimore MD Quaint Fells Point Street by Susan Savad x

Imagekind Wall Art Print Entitled Baltimore MD   Quaint Fells Point Street by Susan Savad  x


Enhance the ambiance of your living or work space with the charming Imagekind Wall Art Print entitled “Baltimore MD – Quaint Fells Point Street” by renowned artist Susan Savad. This delightful piece captures the essence of one of Baltimore’s most beloved neighborhoods, bringing its historic streets to life with vibrant colors and meticulous detail. Whether you’re a former resident longing for a taste of home, or simply an admirer of picturesque urban scenery, this print is sure to be a conversation starter.

Measuring at a generous size, the art print can act as a focal point in any room, commanding attention and drawing the eye with its intricate portrayal of the old-world architecture and cobblestone streets typical of Fells Point. It is printed on high-quality, archival paper using long-lasting inks that ensure the image remains pristine and saturated with color for many years. Every print is also customizable with a variety of sizes and frames, allowing you to tailor the piece to match your decor and personal style seamlessly.

Not only does the Imagekind Wall Art Print fit perfectly into a variety of interior designs, from contemporary to traditional, but it also makes for an exquisite gift for art lovers or Baltimore enthusiasts. Purchasing this piece of art not only supports the creative work of Susan Savad but also adds a touch of historical charm to your collection. Whether hanging in your hallway, office, or living room, “Quaint Fells Point Street” is destined to become a cherished addition to your space.

Max’s Taphouse: A Beer Aficionado’s Haven in Fells Point Baltimore

When discussions turn to legendary beer havens, Max’s Taphouse is invariably the highlight of such discourse within Fells Point Baltimore MD. Its consummate gathering of beers from around the world garners an international reputation that any brew enthusiast would tip their hat to.

With a selection that boasts a gargantuan array of craft beers, Max’s provides a symposium for taste, discovery, and genuine appreciation. It stands as a monolith in a landscape that constantly shifts with the tides of the beer industry.

The pub stays competitive and relevant, not just by providing an impressive roster of brews, but through unique strategies that champion beer culture. Beer festivals and tasting events are regular occurrences here, and these gatherings are not just about the ale; they’re a celebration of camaraderie and the thriving tapestry that is Fells Point Baltimore.

Supporting local Maryland breweries is not just a business model for Max’s; it’s a philosophy. By offering a platform for local craftsmanship to shine, Max’s Taphouse plays a pivotal role in the evolution and the nurturing of the Baltimore beer landscape.

Image 2098

How These Pubs Reflect the Evolution of Fells Point Baltimore

Across Fells Point Baltimore MD, there’s a rhythmic cadence that resonates from pub to pub. From ancient, laughter-lined walls to the modern, sleek counters serving the latest craft concoctions, these establishments are unified by an undeniable spirit.

The economic and cultural impacts of these pubs on both Fells Point and the broader Baltimore area are significant. They are not mere spaces for night-time revelry; they are the heartbeats of the community, fostering social connection, and cultural expression.

These pubs are masterful in the way they celebrate the beloved quirks of Fells Point’s history while embracing the wishes of a clientele thirsty for innovation. The dynamic interplay between historic Federal Hill Baltimore and contemporary Fells Point greatly enriches the city’s pub experience, creating a rich tapestry of past and present.

Conclusion: The Unbeatable Pub Culture of Fells Point Baltimore MD

Each pub in Fells Point Baltimore MD tells its own story, contributes its own verse to the song of the city. Their unique attributes — be it the nostalgia of Sláinte, the vintage vibe of The Wharf Rat, the cutting-edge flavors of Fells Point Tavern, the legendary history of The Horse You Came In On Saloon, or the worldly breadth of Max’s Taphouse — together craft an unrivaled pub culture.

They stand as champions of originality, history, and community, weaving together a scene that’s rich with life and stories. Looking to the future, it’s clear that Fells Point will continue to be a destination of choice for those who seek the comfort of old favorites and the thrill of new discoveries.

Historic Framed Print, Off to the berry farms of Maryland. Taken on Fell Point, Baltimore, Md. Courtesy of Maryland Child Labor Committee. Location Baltimore, Maryland., x

Historic Framed Print, Off to the berry farms of Maryland. Taken on Fell Point, Baltimore, Md. Courtesy of Maryland Child Labor Committee. Location Baltimore, Maryland., x


Delve into Maryland’s bygone era with this captivating Historic Framed Print, titled “Off to the berry farms of Maryland.” Taken on Fell Point, in the bustling heart of Baltimore, this poignant image serves as a timeless window into early American life. The photograph, provided courtesy of the Maryland Child Labor Committee, stands as a testament to the industrial history and the stories of those who contributed to the development of the state’s agricultural heritage.

Expertly framed to preserve its integrity and enhance its aesthetic appeal, this piece is perfect for history aficionados and art collectors alike. This print not only depicts the raw reality of Maryland’s working children at the turn of the century but also encourages reflection on social and economic progress. Its monochrome palette brilliantly captures the mood of the era, evoking a sense of nostalgia for a bygone time.

This historic print is not just decor; it’s a conversational piece that ignites discussions about early 20th-century American labor practices and the evolution of societal norms. It will assume a place of prominence in any setting, inviting viewers to contemplate the harsh realities faced by Marylands youth in their struggle for survival and growth. Whether for an office, study, or living room, “Off to the berry farms of Maryland” is more than a visual treat; it’s an enduring slice of American history.

What we have here, nestled by the harbor, is a pub culture so integral to Baltimore’s social and cultural fabric that you can’t help but raise a glass to. So here’s to Fells Point Baltimore MD — a captivating haven where every sip tells a story, and every visit becomes a memory etched in time. Cheers!

The Top Trivia on Fells Point Baltimore MD’s Best Pubs

Fells Point, the historic waterfront community in Baltimore, MD, is not just any old neighborhood; it’s a bubbling cauldron of culture, history, and some of the best pubs you’ll ever stumble into—and I mean that in the literal sense! Let’s dive into some fun trivial tidbits and fascinating facts that make Fells Point’s pub scene a must-visit. Grab a pint, and let’s get crackin’!

Image 2099

Pubs with a Past

Would you believe it if I told you that Fells Point has been serving up suds since the 18th century? Yup, it’s as old as the cobblestones lining the streets. You might not notice at first glance, but Fells Point is brimming with history. Some pubs here are so old they could tell tales of privateers and patriots—heck, they probably served them a pint or two!

Speaking of tales, did you know the 2000 Baltimore ravens probably celebrated their Super Bowl victory in some of these historic taverns? Look at these watering holes as open history books where every page turn is a clink of a glass.

A Toast to the Arts

Fells Point isn’t just about historical vibes; it’s a place where the arts flourish. Imagine discussing the Bso Baltimore program over a pint, dissecting the nuances of a symphonic crescendo. And, who knows, maybe you’ll run into a local actor, discussing Hunter Doohan Movies And TV Shows, hashing out acting techniques with the bartender.

Spirit of the Neighborhood

Ever heard a pub being compared to Madonna? Stay with me here. Like Madonna age, these pubs defy the years, maintaining vibrancy and an ability to reinvent themselves while still providing a comforting sense of familiarity. They might age, but they’re never out of style.

Roll the Dice on Fun

Feeling lucky after a couple of pints? Well, Baltimore casino might be your next stop, but remember, the real gamble took place back in the Fells Point pubs where sailors once bet on the high seas, not just poker chips.

From the Screen to Your Pint Glass

Now, if you’re into keeping up with Movies Released in 2024, imagine chatting about them in a place that’s been around way before cinemas were even a thing. Fells Point pubs are perfect for those movie discussions, maybe even inspiring you to script your own blockbuster.

A Pint of Pride

Fells Point embraces diversity with everything it’s got. Take the Baltimore Eagle, a symbol of inclusivity and pride in the city, reflecting the neighborhood’s welcoming atmosphere where everyone raises a glass together.

Ahoy, Travelers!

For those bitten by the travel bug, imagine regaling your fellow pub-goers with stories from your Uniworld travels. And who knows, the person you’re sharing a brew with might be gearing up for their next grand adventure.

Subscribe to More than Just a Pint

Lastly, while you’re sipping on that delicious craft beer, remember that subscriptions aren’t just for Readers Digest subscription; they’re for beer clubs too! Pubs in Fells Point often have their own loyalty programs, enticing you with the promise of the perfect pint every time you visit.

As we wrap up this pub trivia and tip our hats to Fells Point, Baltimore MD, remember that there’s always something new to discover around every corner, in every pint, and within every conversation. So, next time you’re in Fells Point, make sure to take a historical—and hysterical—pub crawl; you’ll be glad you did!

Now, wasn’t that a ‘brew-tiful’ escape into the charming pub culture of Fells Point? Remember, it’s not just about the beer; it’s the experience and stories that come with every round. Cheers, mate!

Fell’s Point Baltimore, Maryland MD Postcards

Fell's Point Baltimore, Maryland MD Postcards


Escape to the charming cobblestone streets of Fell’s Point with our exclusive Baltimore, Maryland MD postcard collection. Each postcard in the set captures the essence of this historic waterfront neighborhood, renowned for its picturesque 18th-century buildings and vibrant maritime past. From the bustling Broadway Market to the serene views of the harbor, the stunning photography invites you to experience the unique atmosphere that makes Fell’s Point a beloved destination for both locals and tourists alike. The detailed images are printed on high-quality cardstock, ensuring that every postcard sends a piece of this quaint urban haven to friends and family.

Sending a Fell’s Point postcard is like delivering a personal tour of Baltimore’s rich history and contemporary cultural blend. The collection features a range of sights, including the illustrious Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park, to the intimate jazz bars that come to life at night with the sounds of live music. Delight your acquaintances with scenes of the annual Fell’s Point Fun Festival, or share the quiet beauty of the promenade on a crisp morning. Each postcard provides ample space for you to jot down your sentiments, making your greetings as memorable as the images they bear.

These postcards are not merely a correspondence but a tribute to the unique allure of Fell’s Point. Whether you are a local looking to share a slice of your city or a visitor wanting to preserve your travel memories, these postcards serve as ideal mementos. The richness of the architecture and the vibrancy of the street life are encapsulated within each snapshot. For anyone with an appreciation for historic charm blended with urban energy, the Fell’s Point Baltimore, Maryland MD postcards are a must-have collectors item that brings the spirit of Baltimore right to your mailbox.

Is Fells Point a good area?

Absolutely, Fells Point’s got charm up the wazoo! It’s a top-notch neighborhood with cobbled streets, waterfront views, and historic vibes that’ll make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. But don’t just take my word for it—locals and tourists alike rave about its lively scene, boutique shops, and killer eats.

How do you spend a day in Fells Point?

Well, slap on your walking shoes and get ready for a day in Fells Point that’s jam-packed with fun! Start with a coffee from a local cafe, then hit the shops for some unique finds. Midday, grab a crab cake—Baltimore’s signature dish—and people-watch by the waterfront. In the evening, slide into a cozy pub for some live music and a nightcap. There’s plenty to explore in this neck of the woods!

How many bars are in Fells Point?

If you’re thirsty in Fells Point, you’re in luck! This neighborhood is bursting at the seams with bars—more than 120 last time anyone counted. So, whether you’re into swanky cocktails or just a good ol’ fashioned beer, Fells Point has got you covered with enough watering holes to quench the thirst of an army.

Where can I walk in Fells Point?

Fells Point is a walker’s delight! Saunter along Thames Street for the main drag experience, wander the waterfront for stellar views, or meander down the side streets to get a glimpse of charming historic row houses. It’s a walkable wonderland, and you might even stumble upon a hidden gem or two.

Is Fells Point safe at night?

Now, don’t get twitchy; Fells Point is generally safe at night. Keep your street smarts about you, as you would in any city area at night, stick to well-lit paths, and you’ll be hunky-dory. Many folks are out and about, enjoying the nightlife, which keeps the place buzzing and secure.

Is Upper Fells Point safe at night?

Upper Fells Point at night? Yeah, it’s safe as houses, generally speaking. Like its lower counterpart, it’s residential and quieter, but always remember—no matter where you are, keeping your wits about you when the moon’s up is a bright idea.

What food is Baltimore known for?

Crabs, hon! Baltimore’s known for its lip-smacking good seafood, and the star of the show is the Maryland blue crab. You can’t leave without trying a crab cake, but there’s also Old Bay seasoned eats, pit beef sandwiches, and Berger cookies for the sweet tooth in your life.

Why is it called Fells Point Baltimore?

So why do they call it Fells Point, anyway? Back in the day, an enterprising Englishman named William Fell strutted in and said, “I’ll take it!” in 1730, to be exact. He knew a good thing when he saw it, setting up shop and giving his name to the point of land jutting into the harbor—a name that stuck like glue.

Is there street parking in Fells Point?

Looking for street parking in Fells Point? Roll up your sleeves—it can feel like finding a needle in a haystack! The area is popular, so street parking is at a premium, but if you’ve got the patience of a saint and a little luck, you might snag a spot. Otherwise, there are garages and lots ready to take your cash.

What police show was filmed in Fells Point Baltimore?

Ah, remember Homicide: Life on the Street? That iconic police drama had Fells Point all over it, with gritty stories filmed right in the neighborhood. It put Baltimore on the map for TV buffs and had us all on the edge of our seats!

What is the name of the waterfront in Baltimore?

The heart of Baltimore’s waterfront is none other than the famous Inner Harbor. It’s a star attraction, with ships, shops, and seriously good views—a must-see for anyone setting foot in Charm City.

Is Fells Point Fun Festival free?

There’s nothin’ like a good ol’ fashioned shindig, and the Fells Point Fun Festival is indeed free as a bird! Bring your pals, your family, or that nice neighbor you’ve been meaning to chat up and dive into live music, food, and local vendors without dropping a dime.

Can you swim in the Fells?

Swimming in the Fells? Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s a no-go. The water isn’t meant for swimming, but you can still enjoy the view and soak up the waterfront vibes without getting your toes wet.

Is Baltimore Inner Harbor walkable?

Talking about walkable, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is like a stroll in the park. It’s easy to navigate by foot, with attractions galore and scenic paths that’ll keep your Fitbit happy.

How long is Great Falls Trail?

The Great Falls Trail will give your legs a solid workout—it’s about 4.8 miles round trip. But trust me, with those views, your Instagram will thank you, and so will your calves!

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