Life After Beth Cast Now What Are They Doing

When the film “Life After Beth” hit the silver screen in 2014, audiences were captivated by its unique blend of zombie horror and romantic comedy. Now, a decade later, fans are bursting with curiosity about what the “Life After Beth” cast is up to. Let’s take a deep dive into the current endeavors and achievements of the film’s main stars.

Aubrey Plaza: From Deadpan to Dazzling

Aubrey Plaza, who stole the show as the zombified Beth Slocum, has since seen her career soar. After “Life After Beth,” Plaza displayed her versatility by starring in films like “Ingrid Goes West” (2017) and “Black Bear” (2020). In 2022, she drew significant acclaim for her role in the dark comedy “Emily the Criminal.” Plaza also made her mark on TV as a producer and co-star of the quirky yet thought-provoking HBO series “The White Lotus,” which bagged multiple awards.

In 2023, Plaza ventured into the role of executive producer, working on indie films that challenge societal norms and conventions, solidifying her stature in the entertainment industry. Additionally, Plaza has lent her voice to projects like the Fire Force Manga, expanding her artistic repertoire.

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Dane DeHaan: Everyman to Expeditionary

Dane DeHaan, who portrayed Zach Orfman, Beth’s devoted boyfriend, has widened his spectrum of roles since “Life After Beth.” DeHaan took the lead in “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” (2017), a science fiction romp showcasing his range. His portrayal of Billy the Kid in the TV series “The Kid” (2019) won him praise in the Western genre.

In 2023, DeHaan took a thrilling turn in “Explorer,” a documentary series on National Geographic. In it, he embarks on daring expeditions around the globe, underscoring his blossoming passion for environmental advocacy. His travels offer insights into diverse cultures, somewhat akin to the cultural contrasts between “USA and Sweden”.

Actor/Actress Character Name Notable Works Before “Life After Beth” Notable Works After “Life After Beth”
Aubrey Plaza Beth Slocum Before: “Parks and Recreation” After: “Legion”, “Ingrid Goes West”
Dane DeHaan Zach Orfman Before: “Chronicle” After: “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”
John C. Reilly Maury Slocum Before: “Step Brothers”, “Chicago” After: “Kong: Skull Island”, “Ralph Breaks the Internet”
Molly Shannon Geenie Slocum Before: “Superstar”, “SNL” After: “The Other Two”, “Divorce”
Cheryl Hines Judy Orfman Before: “Curb Your Enthusiasm” After: “Suburgatory”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
Paul Reiser Kyle Orfman Before: “Mad About You” After: “Whiplash”, “The Kominsky Method”
Anna Kendrick Erica Wexler Before: “Pitch Perfect” After: “Pitch Perfect 2 & 3”, “A Simple Favor”
Matthew Gray Gubler Kyle Before: “Criminal Minds” After: “Criminal Minds”, “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip”

John C. Reilly: Character Actor Extraordinaire

John C. Reilly, who played Beth’s father, has continued to captivate audiences with his multidisciplinary talents. Known for his versatility, Reilly delivered moving performances in “Stan & Ollie” (2018) and as Dr. Steve Brule in “Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule.” His latest venture, “Moonbase 8,” where he plays an astronaut hopeful on a mock lunar station, further showcases his comedic genius.

Reilly also actively participates in theater and has played a vital role in reviving interest in Shakespearean plays through the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles. His approach to the arts, often likened to reviving forgotten treasures like a lawn jockey, reflects his deep dedication to his craft.

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Molly Shannon: Versatile Veteran

Molly Shannon, who portrayed Beth’s mother, brought her signature quirky charm to the character. Post “Life After Beth,” Shannon starred in the critically acclaimed series “The White Lotus” alongside Aubrey Plaza, once again showing her formidable acting chops. Her performance in “Other People” (2016) was lauded as one of her best, perfectly blending comedy and deep emotional resonance.

Shannon’s upcoming project, “Divine Retribution,” slated to premiere in late 2024, tells the tale of a family grappling with a bizarre religious prophecy. Her continuous evolution as an actress keeps her fans eagerly awaiting each new performance.

Cheryl Hines: From Comedy to Advocacy

Cheryl Hines, who played Zach’s mother, remained a comedic stalwart post “Life After Beth.” She continued her work on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” cementing her role as a comedic powerhouse. Hines also ventured into the family drama series “Son of Zorn” (2016-2017), showcasing her adaptability.

In 2023, Hines turned her focus to advocacy, launching “Limitless,” an inclusive streaming service. Her passion for disability rights and accessible entertainment platforms is similar to ensuring everyone can find suitable financial tools, like the best credit cards For no credit history.

Matthew Gray Gubler: Serial Success

Matthew Gray Gubler, whose portrayal of Kyle Orfman added an edge to “Life After Beth,” continued to balance his prolific acting career with other artistic ventures. Best known for his long-running role as Dr. Spencer Reid on “Criminal Minds,” Gubler also dove into directing and producing.

In 2023, he released the animated feature “Hot Air Balloon Mystery,” enchanting young audiences with its whimsical storytelling. Gubler also launched his second book, “Surrealism at Play,” which combines his art with personal anecdotes, showing another facet of his creative talents, much like the historical narratives chronicled in the story of “Man o’ War Horse.”

A Decade of Transformation

Reflecting on the “Life After Beth” cast and their remarkable journeys reveals an incredible tapestry of artistic evolution and risk-taking. From movies and TV series to advocacy and theater, these actors have forged unique paths, contributing significantly to a kaleidoscope of diverse projects. It’s fascinating to see how a single film like “Life After Beth” can serve as a springboard for such extraordinary careers.

Their post-“Life After Beth” trajectories promise more innovation, inspiration, and captivating audiences in unexpected ways. As these actors continue to push boundaries and explore new frontiers, their stories contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment.

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Life After Beth Cast: Now What Are They Doing?

Aubrey Plaza’s Next Steps

Life after Beth cast members have come quite a long way since the 2014 horror-comedy hit. Aubrey Plaza, who played the titular Beth, hasn’t taken her foot off the gas pedal. Recently, she was caught cheering on the USA in an intense match against Sweden. Concurrently, she’s been voicing Grumpy Cat and starring in quirky indie films. Her comedic timing remains as sharp as ever.

Dane DeHaan’s Dramatic Turn

Dane DeHaan, who starred as Zach, Beth’s grieving boyfriend, has transitioned to more dramatic roles. His performance in the psychological thriller “A Cure for Wellness” marked him as a serious talent. Interestingly, he’s shown some interest in online gaming, even following the Man City Vs RB Leipzig Standings. Coincidentally, he shares a passion for horse racing and has been spotted at the tracks admiring legendary horses like Man o’ War.

Molly Shannon’s Comedy Legacy

Molly Shannon, known for her role as Beth’s mom, has continued her comedic legacy. From her iconic Saturday Night Live sketches to her latest stand-up specials, she’s become a fixture in the comedy scene. Recently, Google searches for Leslie Jones’ new stand-up have also spiked, drawing attention to similar comedic giants. Shannon’s humor transcends the screen; her writing and acting continue to bring joyous laughter to many.

Anna Kendrick’s Career Moves

Anna Kendrick, who played the role of Erica, has had her hands full. Her role in the “Pitch Perfect” series skyrocketed her career, making her a household name. However, she’s also been an advocate for more serious issues. Recently, she’s voiced opinions on the national mortgage interest rate, influencing many first-time homebuyers. Her advocacy work complements her acting career, showcasing her range and dedication to making a difference.

These tidbits about the life after Beth cast members reveal fascinating layers of their post-film journeys. Keep an eye out for their next big moves—you never know what they’ll surprise us with next!

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