Seattle Slew’s 10 Unbelievable Victories

Seattle Slew, a name that conjures images of unrelenting speed, intense determination, and historic success, holds an enduring legacy in the world of thoroughbred racing. Foaled on February 15, 1974, at the White Horse Acres breeding farm in Lexington, Kentucky, Seattle Slew hails from an impressive lineage, being the son of Bold Reasoning and the grandson of Bold Ruler, the father of the great Secretariat. Slew’s racing prowess ignited the mid-1970s with a burning passion that still flickers brightly in the hearts of equine enthusiasts, and his achievements continue to inspire, as seen in the likes of the artax horse and the philosophies of notable figures such as Mike Repole.

Seattle Slew’s Legacy in Thoroughbred Racing

Seattle Slew’s influence on horse racing is as persistent as the pounding of hooves on a racetrack. His journey reaches beyond his mere life span—it maneuvers through the annals of racetrack legends with the same fiery spirit that propelled him to a Triple Crown victory. Unmatched, unrivaled, and unbridled’s descendant in pure competitiveness, Seattle Slew remains the only living Triple Crown winner at the time of his death. In this epic tale, let us trot through the incredible saga of Slew’s ten victories that rendered him an equine immortal.

Landaluce The Story of Seattle Slew’s First Champion (Horses in History)

Landaluce The Story of Seattle Slew's First Champion (Horses in History)


“Landaluce: The Story of Seattle Slew’s First Champion (Horses in History)” is a compelling narrative that explores the brief but brilliant career of the filly Landaluce, and how this remarkable thoroughbred emerged as the first champion offspring of the legendary Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew. This meticulously researched book delves into the heart of American horse racing during the early 1980s, tracing the lineage and life of a horse that captivated the nation with her exceptional talent. Readers are treated to an in-depth look at not only Landaluce’s triumphs and the challenges she faced but also the impact she had on the racing industry and the people closest to her.

Each chapter is rich with details of Landaluce’s upbringing, training, and the bond she developed with her handlers, offering an intimate glimpse into the world of horse racing from the perspective of one of its shining stars. The book highlights her legendary performances, including her dominant victories in the Hollywood Lassie Stakes and Anoakia Stakes, and how she was awarded the Eclipse Award for American Champion Two-Year-Old Filly in 1982 posthumously, leaving readers awestruck at her natural ability and saddened by her untimely loss. The author captures the emotional highs and lows, showing how Landaluce’s legacy continued to influence the sport and breeding even decades after her passing.

Beyond chronicling the life of an equine luminary, “Landaluce: The Story of Seattle Slew’s First Champion” also acts as a tribute to the larger tapestry of horseracing culture by reflecting on the legacies of her pedigree. It illuminates the challenges of breeding champions, the unpredictable nature of horse racing, and the eternal quest for the next great racehorse. Through vivid descriptions and narrative flair, the book gives readers a sense of the excitement and passion that define the sport, the reverence for its equine heroes, and the deep respect for their achievements. It’s a must-read for horse enthusiasts, history buffs, and sports fans alike, offering a unique look into a fleeting yet unforgettable chapter of horse racing history.

The Birth of an Equine Legend: Seattle Slew’s Maiden Win

Seattle Slew’s maiden win was like watching the curtain rise on what would become one of the grandest shows in thoroughbred racing. He didn’t just win; he dominated from the onset, signaling the birth of a legend. Setting foot on the hallowed grounds of Belmont Park, Slew took to the tracks with the excitement of a foal yet commanded the race like a seasoned charger. That first win was a snapshot of the glory that was to unfold—a peek into a future that would rewrite the history books.

Image 4523

**Feature** **Details**
Birth Date February 15, 1974
Death Date May 7, 2002
Breeding Farm White Horse Acres, Lexington, Kentucky
Sire Bold Reasoning
Pedigree Notable Grandson of Bold Ruler (also Secretariat’s father)
Racing Years 1976 – 1978
Triple Crown Winner 1977
Racing Record 17 starts: 14 wins, 2 seconds, 1 fourth place
Total Foals Sired 1,066
Stakes Winners Sired 102 out of 1,066 foals
Notable Progeny Earnings >$84 million
Intelligence Regarded as highly intelligent with human-like interaction
Last Living Triple Crown Winner At the time of his death
Burial Place Hill ‘n’ Dale Farms, near Lexington, KY
Final Stud Year 2001
Grade One Stakes Winners Sired in Final Stud Year 4 (more than any other stallion in North America at that time)
Personality Traits Confident, would perform a “war dance” before racing

Claim to Fame at the Champagne Stakes

And then there was the Champagne Stakes, a race embodying prestige and expectation, where Seattle Slew bubbled over with energy and force. As the gates sprung open, it became rapidly evident that a new standard was being set. Slew made the victory seem effortless, flaunting his superiority like a king draped in his ceremonial robes. The onlookers knew they were witnesses to extraordinary talent; this was no ordinary horse, but rather, a creature destined to gallop into history.

Dashing Through the Flamingo Stakes

At the Flamingo Stakes, Seattle Slew’s power was on full display, leaving competitors trailing in his wake like scattered leaves. It was here that Slew truly began to show that his prowess was as fiery as Pimlico’s heart. The strategies, the precision, the sheer willpower—he left no doubt about his potential to dominate the pack. With each stride, Seattle Slew was not merely racing; he was etching his saga into the soul of the sport.

Legends Never Die Seattle Slew Triple Crown Winner Collage Photo Frame, x , (U)

Legends Never Die Seattle Slew Triple Crown Winner Collage Photo Frame, x , (U)


Title: Legends Never Die Seattle Slew Triple Crown Winner Collage Photo Frame

Celebrate a pivotal moment in thoroughbred racing history with the Legends Never Die Seattle Slew Triple Crown Winner Collage Photo Frame. This exquisitely crafted piece immortalizes Seattle Slew, the remarkable stallion who triumphed in the prestigious Triple Crown in 1977. The collage features high-quality photographs that capture the speed, strength, and spirit of this legendary racehorse in mid-gallop, complemented by additional imagery and information showcasing each significant race victoryThe Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes, and The Belmont Stakes.

Constructed with care, this collage is more than a mere decorationit’s a tribute to a bygone era of equine excellence. Encased in a robust frame with protective glass, the photos maintain their vibrancy and are safeguarded against wear. This collectible item’s seamless blend of form and function makes it an ideal centerpiece for any room, bringing equestrian elegance and a sense of historical achievement into homes and offices alike.

Not only does the Legends Never Die Seattle Slew Triple Crown Winner Collage Photo Frame serve as a stunning visual homage, but it also stands as an inspirational piece for fans and aspiring athletes. Its presence is a constant reminder of the sheer determination and relentless pursuit of greatness that define true legends. For collectors, horse racing aficionados, or those simply in awe of the triumphs of the equine athletes, this collage photo frame is a must-have, a timeless celebration of Seattle Slew’s unyielding spirit and his legendary status in the pantheon of horse racing champions.

Triumph at the Wood Memorial

The Wood Memorial stood before Seattle Slew as a formidable fortress gates, one that, if conquered, led to the hallowed halls of Triple Crown fame. Seattle Slew seized the challenge, tearing past the finish line with the force of a tempest unleashed. His victory was not merely a win; it was an emphatic sledgehammer pounding the expectations high for Triple Crown prospects, shaping them to the contours of his impending glory.

Image 4524

Pinnacle of Glory: The Kentucky Derby Showdown

Seattle Slew at the Kentucky Derby was a masterclass in racing magnificence. He danced through the dirt track with unparalleled grace, each hoof-beat a note in a symphony of speed. It was no mere showdown; it was an unequivocal display of dominance that shot the colt straight into racing’s stratosphere. Each challenger was left chasing after the legend, their aspirations as ephemeral as the dust kicked up by Slew’s thunderous gallop.

Pimlico’s Pride: Conquering the Preakness Stakes

Pimlico became the amphitheater where Seattle Slew unleashed his vigor, capturing the Preakness Stakes with an artistry that bordered on the divine. With famed jockey Jean Cruguet orchestrating the pace, every turn of the hoof was executed with precision. It wasn’t just another race; it was a measure of Seattle Slew’s incandescent spirit which burnt brightest against the staunchest of competition.

William Bolcom Symphonies & , Seattle Slew Orchestral Suite, First Edition

William Bolcom Symphonies & , Seattle Slew Orchestral Suite, First Edition


Immerse yourself in the expressive depths and robust character of American classical music with the First Edition release of William Bolcom’s Symphonies and the Seattle Slew Orchestral Suite. This extraordinary collection showcases the dynamic range of Bolcom, a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer, who is celebrated for his ability to bridge the gap between traditional symphony and modern musical expression. Included in this premiere edition, listeners will find the full set of his symphonies, each one a testament to Bolcom’s prowess in crafting thematic complexity and emotional resonance, demonstrating his command over the orchestral form.

Moreover, the collection is graced with the Seattle Slew Orchestral Suite, a tribute to the legendary Triple Crown-winning racehorse. This piece, both majestic and whimsical, reflects the vitality and spirit of Seattle Slew’s remarkable journey in the world of horse racing. The suite’s movements glide from stirring fanfares to lyrical passages, capturing the essence of the thoroughbred’s grace and power. Masterfully performed by a renowned orchestra, the suite adds a thrilling and uniquely American dimension to the classical music tradition.

The First Edition release is a beautifully packaged homage to the contributions of William Bolcom to the American musical landscape. With its superb audio quality, the collection brings forth the depth and nuance of Bolcom’s orchestration. The booklet included provides insightful commentary on the composer’s work and the historical context of each symphony and suite. For enthusiasts of American classical music or collectors seeking to add a significant work to their libraries, this First Edition of William Bolcom’s Symphonies and Seattle Slew Orchestral Suite is an indispensable acquisition.

The Belmont Stakes and a Triple Crown Achievement

It was at the Belmont Stakes where Seattle Slew transformed from a mere mortal equine to an immortal emblem of equestrian excellence. Claiming the Triple Crown, he didn’t just win the race; he claimed his throne in the pantheon of racing legends. His victory was a feat as rare as a diamond—a testament to a horse whose name would forever be spoken in reverent whispers.

Image 4525

A Slew of Victories: Dominance at Marlboro Cup

Following his Triple Crown triumph, many wondered if Seattle Slew could sustain his brilliance. The Marlboro Cup provided an emphatic answer. Slew was no passing comet but a permanent celestial force whose luminance spanned well beyond Triple Crown territory. With resounding victories like the Marlboro Cup, Seattle Slew continued to showcase his class and stamina, enduring challenges and standing the tests of time.

The Stuyvesant Handicap and Continued Excellence

As if to lay rest to any doubts, Seattle Slew’s Stuyvesant Handicap victory was a showcase against some of the most seasoned horses in the sphere. In the face of experience and age, Slew proved that excellence is not fleeting but consistently forged in the fires of continual triumph. It wasn’t just another notch in his belt; it was the resounding echo of his legacy that would ripple through generations.

Final Triumph: Seattle Slew’s Last Stand

The final victory of Seattle Slew’s illustrious career came as poetic as the first, a full circle of a career characterized by breathtaking performances. It was the fitting finale to a drama so rich and so vibrant that it continues to captivate the narrative of horse racing. Seattle Slew’s last stand was not a mere race; it was the concluding chapter of a masterful epic, a lasting homage to his influence on the sport and its luminaries, including the likes of Mike Repole.

Seattle Slew Today: An Evergreen Legacy

Today, Seattle Slew’s legacy remains as vivid and as vital as it ever was. Like an evergreen that refuses to wither, Slew’s story is nurtured in the hearts of racing aficionados and the bloodlines of champions. The progeny of Unbridled’s kind and the strategies employed by modern-day giants such as Mike Repole carry the essence of Slew’s spirit. The likes of the Artax horse serve as living monuments to his enduring influence—a lineage that continues to dominate the racing narrative.

Conclusion: Seattle Slew’s Unparalleled Journey through the Racetracks

Seattle Slew, in the end, is so much more than the sum of his victories; he is the very essence of the thoroughbred spirit. His tale is one of resilience, an unyielding pursuit of greatness, and an innate competitive fire that forever changed the face of horse racing. As we look back on his journey, we appreciate the profound impact of this remarkable steed—a standard-bearer for excellence whose story is etched in the annals of equestrian lore, capturing the imagination of each generation that comes to love the timeless tale of Seattle Slew.

Seattle Slew’s 10 Unbelievable Victories

Seattle Slew has dashed through the history books much like a steed galloping towards the finish line, leaving an indelible hoofprint on the world of horse racing. These scintillating tales of dominance will run through landscapes more varied than his racetrack’s turf, each story proving more enthralling than the last.

From Zero to Hero – Just Like That

Starting off as an underdog, much like those teams we speculate over in the week 13 power Rankings Nfl, Seattle Slew began his career without the pomp and pedigree that many of his competitors flaunted. But boy, did he surge past expectations, claiming his first victory with the fire of a dark horse taking the lead.

The Kansas City Royals of Horse Racing

Seattle Slew wasn’t just another horse in the paddock. He was the Kansas City Royals roster of his era in horse racing—a powerhouse team formed through sharp scouting and impeccable training. With each race, his team’s strategy and Slew’s own athletic prowess brought them winnings as verdant as the outfields of a Major League ballpark.

The Celebrity Status

Oh, let’s not be shy about it, the mighty Seattle Slew became quite the celebrity! He was the “Kate Beckinsale in a bikini” of the equine world—drawing eyes wherever he went, his grace and majesty leaving crowds as breathless as paparazzi snapping seaside pics of the film sensation.

Mid-Season Marvel

As we dive into lists like the Nfl power Rankings week 9 2024, let’s take a stride down memory lane to when Seattle Slew maintained his unbeaten streak. His mid-season form was impeccable, much like a team that tops those rankings, demonstrating that consistency is as valuable as raw talent.

On College Pride and Pegasus Wings

Seattle Slew could’ve been a college legend, just like Stefon Diggs college days before he hit the big leagues. Slew didn’t need a degree, though, as he soared past his competitors as if he had wings borrowed from Pegasus himself.

The Mutt Lange of the Racetrack

Every music aficionado knows a hit when they hear one from “Mutt Lange,” and Seattle Slew was the thoroughbred equivalent, crafting victories as legendary as Lange’s tracks. His career was a symphony of hooves hitting the dirt, orchestrated to perfection.

A Heart-Pounding Finish

Not every race was a walk in the park—or should we say, a casual trot around the track. Some finishes were as nail-biting as The boogeyman streaming a horror flick right at the crescendo of terror. But our champ always seemed to find that extra burst of speed needed to cross the wire.

Stepping on Dior Sneakers

Now, imagine if Seattle Slew was a fashion icon. Each of his victories was as if he was effortlessly strutting around in “Dior sneakers,” displaying elegance and cool confidence with every step. Here was a horse that was absolutely haute couture of the racetrack.

The Injury Comeback Kid

Like Odell Beckham jr injury reports that made fans gasp, Seattle Slew faced his own set of challenges with injury and recovery. However, like Odell, Slew bounced back with a vengeance proving that setbacks can set the stage for stunning comebacks.

A Raven Among Pigeons

The Odell Beckham jr ravens narrative tells a story of a star bringing his shine to Baltimore, and that’s precisely what Seattle Slew did on the track. Dominating his sport, he wasn’t just another racehorse; he was the raven among pigeons—a true legend among the good but not quite gifted.

Seattle Slew’s legacy is a triumph, a testament to equine excellence that resonates with us like the 555 angel number meaning in the esoteric world—mystical, powerful, and filled with significance. His tale is woven into the very fabric of horseracing history, and his indomitable spirit gallops on, leaving us all just trying to keep up.

Seattle Slew Racing’s Only Undefeated Triple Crown Winner (Thoroughbred Legends (Unnumbered))

Seattle Slew Racing's Only Undefeated Triple Crown Winner (Thoroughbred Legends (Unnumbered))


“Seattle Slew Racing’s Only Undefeated Triple Crown Winner” is a riveting volume from the Thoroughbred Legends series that celebrates the exceptional career of one of the greatest racehorses in the history of horse racing. This book delves into the remarkable journey of Seattle Slew, a champion who managed to claim the elusive Triple Crown without a single defeat in 1977, a feat that has etched his name forever in the annals of equestrian lore. Rich with details and anecdotes, the narrative takes readers through the high stakes and high-speed thrills of thoroughbred racing, providing an intimate look at the life of the horse that became a symbol of perfection on the racetrack.

Crafted for equine enthusiasts and racing fans alike, the book meticulously documents Seattle Slew’s rise from a modest yearling purchase to an unbeatable racing legend. Through the eyes of trainers, jockeys, and those closest to Slew, readers gain unprecedented insight into the rigorous training, distinct personality, and unmatched athleticism that defined the dark bay colt’s storied career. The book paints a vivid picture of the electrifying moments that Slew shared with the racing community, from his tenacious victories to his indomitable spirit that left competitors trailing in his wake.

Not only does “Seattle Slew Racing’s Only Undefeated Triple Crown Winner” honor the horse’s competitive legacy, but it also examines his significant impact on the sport and the breeding industry that followed his retirement. The informative text is complemented by a selection of captivating photographs that bring the energy and elegance of Seattle Slew’s races to life, allowing readers to relive every heart-pounding finish. This commemorative edition is both an enlightening chronicle for those who witnessed Slews triumphs and an inspiring narrative for new fans looking to understand the profound influence of this iconic thoroughbred.

Is Seattle Slew related to Secretariat?

Can you believe it? Despite their fame, Seattle Slew and Secretariat aren’t relatives. Both legends raced during the ’70s, but their bloodlines don’t mix. They hail from different sire lines – Seattle Slew descended from Bold Reasoning, while Secretariat boasted a pedigree from Bold Ruler.

What happened to Seattle Slew?

Oh, the heartache! After Seattle Slew’s retirement from the racetrack, he lived a life fit for a king, siring future winners, until he sadly passed away on May 7, 2002, at the grand old age of 28. He succumbed to complications from old age. A true champ to the very end!

Who was better Seattle Slew or Secretariat?

Well, that’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Fans are split down the middle! Seattle Slew snagged the Triple Crown undefeated, while Secretariat blew minds with record-breaking wins. It’s apples and oranges, folks, but if we’re talking about blistering speed, many would bet their bottom dollar on Secretariat.

What was Seattle Slew’s temperament?

Hot-tempered but not without charm, Seattle Slew was known for being feisty. He had spirit, that’s for sure, often showing a streak of stubbornness. But hey, whatever he had simmering beneath that shiny black coat, it worked wonders on the track!

Is Seabiscuit related to Secretariat?

Nope, Seabiscuit and Secretariat didn’t share a family tree. They galloped in different eras and their lineages traced back to different branches of thoroughbred royalty. Seabiscuit was the underdog of the ’30s, while Secretariat was the ’70s sensation.

Is Secretariat Bloodline still going?

You betcha! Secretariat’s legacy runs through the veins of many modern champs. His bloodline is alive and kicking, making waves in the gene pool. With numerous descendants shining on the track, the Big Red’s lineage is going strong.

Was Secretariat buried standing up?

Secretariat met his end with dignity, but no, he wasn’t buried standing up, that’s just an old horse tale! True to tradition for esteemed racehorses, he was given the honor of being buried whole at Claiborne Farm in Kentucky.

Who is the fastest horse in history?

Hold your horses! The record books say the fastest is a bit of a toss-up, but many still rave about Secretariat’s breathtaking 1973 Belmont Stakes, clocking in at a jaw-dropping 2:24 for 1.5 miles. Though official records can be finicky, Secretariat’s performance is etched in racing lore forever.

Who is the famous offspring of Seattle Slew?

Ah, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! A.P. Indy, one of Seattle Slew’s most famous offspring, certainly didn’t lounge about in his dad’s shadow. He carved out his own legacy, winning the Breeders’ Cup Classic and the Belmont Stakes in 1992.

What horse could beat Secretariat?

In horse racing, it’s all about the day and the race. While no horse officially beat Secretariat in his prime Triple Crown glory, Prove Out managed to outrun him later in the Marlboro Cup. But let’s face it, on Secretariat’s best day, he was practically unbeatable.

Was Seabiscuit better than Secretariat?

Now you’re stirring the pot! On paper, Secretariat was the king of speed, setting records like nobody’s business. Seabiscuit, on the other hand, was the people’s champ, a symbol of hope during the Great Depression. Different times, different tales, folks.

Which horse was bigger Man O War or Secretariat?

Talk about a clash of titans! Man O’ War was a larger-than-life legend, often considered bigger than Secretariat. While exact measurements can be a bit fuzzy, historical accounts suggest Man O’ War had some inches on Big Red.

How tall was Seattle Slew?

Seattle Slew was no shrimp! The ebony speedster stood at a stately 16 hands (64 inches), which is about average for a thoroughbred. But don’t let size fool you; he had a giant’s power on the racetrack.

What horses did Seattle Slew sired?

Boy, did Seattle Slew churn out champs! His kiddos include the aforementioned A.P. Indy, along with many others like Swale and Slew o’ Gold. He was quite the stud, proving his worth as both a racer and a sire.

What happened to war admiral after losing to Seabiscuit?

After War Admiral lost the famous match race to Seabiscuit in 1938, he didn’t just hang up his horseshoes. He raced and won again. Eventually retiring as an influential sire, War Admiral continued to bolster American bloodlines with his own brand of racing royalty.

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