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Best Shakes The Clown ’91 Indie Gem

Unmasking “Shakes the Clown” – The 1991 Indie Gem That Still Resonates

In the realm of independent cinema, few films mirror the chaotic, glitter-smeared underbelly of entertainment quite like “Shakes the Clown”. Released in 1991, this audacious project carves a niche all its own, dancing perilously—or should we —anew with every viewing, on the razor’s edge between genius and madness. At the helm, Bobcat Goldthwait, not only starred in but also penned and directed this oddly endearing carnival of the grotesque.

Genesis of the Cult Classic: “Shakes the Clown”

Amid the less glamorous backdrop of Palukaville, “Shakes the Clown” unfurls the story of a lovelorn, alcoholic party performer tumbling through life. The film, Goldthwait’s directorial debut, paints a lurid tableau of clowns rivaling gangs, bar crawls, and the pursuit of unrequited love.

Initially, the screenplay echoed hollowly in the vacuous expanse of mainstream box office receipts. Yet, within its DNA, it corded a unique depth and wit that would ferment over time, subsequently amortizing its worth into the annals of cult accolade.

The Satirical Undercurrent of Clowns in Showbiz

“Shakes the Clown” is artisanally crafted satire, its narrative needle stitching a grotesque counterpane of “showbiz” that deceptively cloaks poignant complexity. With Betsy Sherman of the Boston Globe dubbing it “the Citizen Kane of Alcoholic Clown Movies,” the film delivers a gut-punch to the early ’90s indie film scene, heralded yet unflinching in its raw depiction of the darker facets of human folly.

Shakes The Clown

Shakes The Clown


Title: Shakes The Clown Partyhorn

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Cast and Characters: The Eccentric Ensemble Behind “Shakes the Clown”

Bobcat Goldthwait’s Shakes juggles an emotional cocktail of humor and despondency, exemplifying a man in the thrall of life’s most acidic lemons. Julie Brown co-stars, effortlessly matching pathos with her comedic prowess, while Adam Sandler’s tenure further underlines the depth of potential in the film’s ensemble.

Image 7556

Profiling Bobcat Goldthwait’s portrayal of the alcoholic clown Shakes

Bobcat’s Shakes is not your run-of-the-mill, red-nosed caricature. He’s the lynchpin holding together a veritable tapestry of the good, the bad, and the ugly of clowning—a misunderstood, red rubber-nosed protagonist struggling amidst love, addiction, and the pursuit of dreams amid failures.

The Dynamics of Dark Humor and Pathos

“Shakes the Clown” is a high-wire act balancing witty zingers and darker themes. It’s a performance maneuvering amidst the uncomfortably relatable alleyways of human experience—flashing the sin city cast of life’s tragicomedy, teetering ever so close to the grotesque, yet retaining that quintessential pull at one’s heartstrings.

Category Details
Title Shakes the Clown
Release Year 1991
Genre Dark Comedy
Director Bobcat Goldthwait
Main Cast Bobcat Goldthwait, Julie Brown, Bruce Baum, Adam Sandler
Setting Palukaville, a fictional town
Main Character Shakes (played by Bobcat Goldthwait)
Character Overview A good-natured, depressed, and alcoholic birthday-party clown
Plot Element After his mentor Owen Cheese dies, Shakes spirals downwards
Key Locations The Twisted Balloon (clown bar)
Narrative Style Dialogue-centric with dark humor
Cinematic Comparison Described as “the Citizen Kane of Alcoholic Clown Movies”
Critical Reception Mixed; praised for its unapologetic bluntness and dialogue
Movie’s Objective To satirically explore the life and struggles of a clown
Legacy Cult classic status within indie film circles

“Shakes the Clown” in the Landscape of 90s Independent Cinema

The ’90s heralded a golden age for independent movies, and “Shakes the Clown” stood clown shoe-to-toe with other iconic pieces such as “Slacker” and “Clerks”. It prodded the boundaries of filmed storytelling, prying open a Pandora’s box of what could be achieved sans Hollywood’s shimmering, yet oft constrictive confines.

SHAKES THE CLOWN Digital Video Laser Disc (Bobcat Goldthwait, Julie Brown) Deluxe Widescreen Version

SHAKES THE CLOWN Digital Video Laser Disc     (Bobcat Goldthwait, Julie Brown)   Deluxe Widescreen Version


Immerse yourself in the bizarre and hilarious world of “SHAKES THE CLOWN” on this Digital Video Laser Disc, featuring the inimitable comedy of Bobcat Goldthwait paired with the comedic talents of Julie Brown. This deluxe widescreen edition delivers a visually rich experience, enhancing the absurdity of the life of an alcoholic birthday party clown entangled in a strange tale of love, murder, and rivalry. With razor-sharp wit and an uncanny knack for the absurd, Goldthwait’s portrayal of Shakes is a must-see for fans of cult comedy and offbeat cinema.

The deluxe version of “SHAKES THE CLOWN” offers fans a superior visual and auditory experience, necessary for appreciating the film’s striking use of color and composition that is best enjoyed in its intended widescreen format. Every scene is meticulously presented in high quality, preserving the director’s original vision and bringing the darkly comic world of professional clowns to life. The unique charm of the early 90s is captured here with clarity and precision, inviting audiences to step back in time and revel in the movie’s quirky production design and soundtrack.

Not only a feast for the eyes, this Laser Disc comes packed with extra features that delve into the making of “SHAKES THE CLOWN.” Behind-the-scenes commentary from Bobcat Goldthwait and Julie Brown provides insight into the creative process and the film’s unconventional humor. Fans and newcomers alike will appreciate the depth and detail available in this edition, making it a collector’s item and a testament to the enduring appeal of this cult classic. Whether you’re revisiting or discovering “SHAKES THE CLOWN” for the first time, this digital video Laser Disc is the definitive edition for aficionados of this unique comedic gem.

Positioning “Shakes the Clown” among landmark ’90s indie films

“Shakes the Clown” entered the indie cinema circus ring as an outsider, its unconventional narrative prancing beneath the big top of the era’s transformative works. With its bold whisk of controversy and innovation, it pirouetted into the hearts of a select few before its legacy ballooned into broader acclaim.

Critical Acclaim and Audience Divides

Upon its debut twirl, critics and audiences split like a dropped deck of cards—some saw brilliance, others folly. Time, however, has curated a far kinder gallery of reviews. Its dialogue-centric finesse stands gloriously out, akin to gladiator Sandals amidst a sea of conservative loafers.

Image 7557

The Legacy of “Shakes the Clown” – From Flop to Phenomenon

Behind the curtain and the cult eminence it enjoys today, “Shakes the Clown” is a phoenix risen from the ashes of its initial flop status—a testament to the nurturing that niche appeal and word-of-mouth commendation could afford a film in the age of VHS and DVD.

Discussing how “Shakes the Clown” became a reference point in pop culture

South park red rocket-esque in its unhesitant portrayal of life’s underbelly,Shakes the Clown” entrenched itself in popular culture, standing now as a landmark of comedic audacity and thespian artistry. Its rippling effect in the cinematic narrative is a testament to its unadulterated embrace of flawed humanity.

Revival and Re-evaluation: The Modern Perception of “Shakes the Clown”

Modern audiences ride the rollercoaster that is “Shakes the Clown” with the benefit of context and an appreciation for its artistry. It is a mirror, reflecting back an evolved comprehension of storytelling’s myriad forms, the boundless expanse of dark comedy, and the all-too-human complexity that imbues each scene.

“Shakes the Clown” – A Mirror to Society’s Malaise

With scalpel-like precision, “Shakes the Clown” dissects themes of substance abuse and failure, casting a garish light on societal malaises that are as relevant today as they were then—perchance even more so. It’s a film that, while distilled in the spirit of its time, resonates ever so loudly in the ears of the present.

Delve into the themes of substance abuse and failure, and how they reflect societal issues

Palukaville is more than a fictional town; it’s every town. It’s where smiles are painted on, and cheers are drowned in silent sobs. Shakes, in his pernicious battle against his own demons, encapsulates Neurofeedback loops of habits, struggles, and the redemption arcs we all crave within our societal narrative.

An In-depth Look at the Film’s Cinematic Techniques

Goldthwait’s use of color bleeds beyond the confines of the lens—it narrates, it accentuates, and it shocks. The soundtrack punctuates the drama, underlining the rhythmic flow of the narrative, while editing cuts a fine storyline between the hiccups of life and the guffaws of its absurdity.

Shakes The Clown

Shakes The Clown


“Shakes The Clown” is a delightfully unique party game that will have players of all ages laughing and competing in a series of clown-themed challenges. Designed for groups of four to eight participants, this board game takes players on a whimsical journey through the vibrant Big Top Circus, where they must perform entertaining tasks, ranging from balloon animal crafting to pie-throwing accuracy contests. Each player assumes the role of a colorful clown character, from the acrobatic Flip to the jokester Chuckles, each with their own special talents that will aid them in winning the coveted Golden Nose trophy.

The gameplay of “Shakes The Clown” emphasizes both strategy and hilarity, with a mix of skill-based mini-games and chance-based card draws that keep every round unpredictable and exciting. Through drawing ‘Giggle Cards,’ players can trigger zany effects such as having to speak in rhymes or perform silly walks, which adds a layer of improvisational fun to the competition. Moreover, with beautifully illustrated game pieces and a 3D circus setting, the visual appeal of the game is as captivating as its gameplay.

Not only is “Shakes The Clown” a fantastic source of entertainment for family game nights and parties, but it also encourages creativity and social interaction among its players. The game has been thoughtfully designed to be inclusive and easy to learn, ensuring that even those who are usually apprehensive about acting or performing will feel comfortable joining in the fun. Whether as a gift or for one’s own collection, “Shakes The Clown” guarantees a lively and memorable experience that will leave players of all ages reaching for the game box time and time again.

Conclusion: “Shakes the Clown” – The Inimitable Indie Icon of the ’90s

From its inception, “Shakes the Clown” was crafted as a rowdy soliloquy of showbiz’s side-show. Through the nurturing embrace of home video and the nostalgic re-clink of cocktail glasses at the Inn Of Seventh ray mmate memories, it has carved its identity into the bedrock of cult adoration.

Insights on why “Shakes the Clown” remains relevant and resonant in today’s culture

What “Shakes the Clown” distills to its essence is the peculiar zeitgeist of our human experience—triumphant yet tarnished by our collective foibles. It carries a relevance that dances amidst the twinkling lights of today’s cultural climate, echoing the laughter and the tears of an epoch past, yet ever vigilant.

Final thoughts on the artistic legacy and the future of indie films inspired by “Shakes the Clown’s” unconventional success

Image 7558

In the hushed whispers of Palukaville’s balmy evenings, in the softened daylight where careers like Pamela Gidleys blossomed, and amid the daily check of today’s mortgage rate in California,Shakes the Clown” is celebrated. It lionized an indie spirit all its own, paving the path for unconventional narratives and proving the indomitable power of human connection through film.

Fun Facts About ‘Shakes the Clown’

Alright, you comedy aficionados and indie film buffs, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive nose-first into the whimsical whirlwind that is ‘Shakes the Clown’. This ’91 indie gem is more than just a bunch of clowning around, so let’s paint on a smile and explore some fun trivia and interesting tidbits that may surprise you.

The Perilous Path to Laughter

Gosh, making people laugh is no walk in the park—sometimes it can be downright perilous! If you’re scratching your head, wondering what the heck ‘perilous’ means, well, let’s just say you’re not alone. But hey, once you define perilous, you’ll appreciate the tightrope walk that is dark comedy.Shakes the Clown’ walks this line like a drunken acrobat, teetering between absurd humor and dark themes. Who knew life in floppy shoes could be fraught with such danger and despair?

The Man Behind the Makeup

Bobcat Goldthwait—yeppers, the guy with that voice you can’t forget—wasn’t just the star. He was the brainchild, the writer, and director behind this cult classic. Talk about a triple threat, huh? Channeling his inner clown, Bobcat delivered a performance that’s delightfully unhinged. His dedication might’ve felt a bit like trying to find today’s mortgage rates in California—a bit of a rollercoaster task—so if you fancy a reality check, take a peek at today mortgage rate california and see for yourself!

A Cult Following Fit for a Clown King

It’s no surprise that ‘Shakes the Clown’ quickly garnered a cult following. This isn’t just any kooky clown flick—it’s been described as “the Citizen Kane of alcoholic clown movies.” How’s that for a niche? The film has been juggling its reputation for a while, and folks can’t seem to get enough of its in-your-face humor and slapstick satire. Go figure!

Cameo City

Hold onto your hats, because ‘Shakes the Clown’ is like a carnival ride of cameos. Loads of comedians and actors pop up in this circus—I’m talkin’ the likes of Adam Sandler, Blake Clark, and even Kathy Griffin. Their appearances are sneakier than a quiet whoopee cushion, so keep your eyes peeled!

In the end, pals, ‘Shakes the Clown’ isn’t just a chuckle-fest wrapped in a red nose; it’s a hidden gem that’s aged like fine, comedic wine. So, grab your favorite beverage (no bottle juggling, please), plop down on the couch, and revisit this indie sensation. Who knows? You might just find yourself rooting for the underdog in oversized shoes!

Shakes the Clown [DVD]

Shakes the Clown [DVD]


“Shakes the Clown [DVD]” catapults you into the whirlwind life of Shakes, an alcoholic clown who finds himself tangled in a web of laugh-out-loud mishaps and circus drama. In this dark comedy, Shakes juggles between his passion for performing, his chaotic personal life, and a growing rivalry that threatens his career. Bobcat Goldthwait both directs and stars in this one-of-a-kind cult classic, delivering a performance that perfectly captures the absurdity and melancholy of a clown’s existence.

This DVD edition brings the bizarre world of Shakes into your living room with unmatched clarity and audio quality. Fans will relish in the additional features that offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the making of this unique film, including interviews with the cast and crew. The film’s satirical edge is as sharp as ever, ensuring that both new viewers and long-time fans will find something to cherish in this twisted comedic tale.

As Shakes stumbles through murder plots and comedy club showdowns, surrounded by a colorful cast of misfit clowns and carnival characters, viewers can’t help but root for this underdog. “Shakes the Clown [DVD]” promises a rollercoaster ride of emotions, masterfully blending elements of farce with a surprisingly touching human story. Get ready to embrace the absurdity and heart of this unforgettable journey through the gritty underworld of professional clowning.

Is Shakes the Clown a good movie?

– Whoa, hold your horses! If you’re into ’90s indie comedies, “Shakes the Clown” might just tickle your funny bone. It’s chock-full of chit-chat, reminiscent of that era’s golden comedy flicks. Some say it’s a bit of an awkward watch, but hey, it’s got guts and it nails what Bobcat Goldthwait, the director and star, was aiming for. So, kudos to its unfiltered frankness—it’s a standout, and critics haven’t been shy about praising it. Talk about marching to the beat of your own drum!

Where does Shakes the Clown take place?

– Get a load of this: “Shakes the Clown” unfolds in the made-up town of Palukaville, where folks aren’t exactly rolling out the red carpet. It’s the sort of place where a down-on-his-luck, boozed-up clown like Shakes might just blend in. And this place has got some quirky clown vibes, especially with a clown bar named Twisted Balloon. Sounds like one heck of a setting for a wild ride, doesn’t it?

What is the movie about clowns with Robin Williams?

– Uh, hang on a sec—there’s a mix-up here! Robin Williams didn’t star in “Shakes the Clown.” Looks like wires got crossed somewhere down the line. If you’re itching for clowns and Robin Williams, you might be thinking of “Patch Adams” or “Toys,” where he brings the laughs without the greasepaint. Still, Williams was a comedy maestro, whether in or out of clown garb!

What is the citizen Kane of alcoholic Clown movies?

– Ever heard of a film so oddly niche it gets dubbed the “Citizen Kane of Alcoholic Clown Movies?” Well, buckle up, ’cause “Shakes the Clown” snatched that title. Betsy Sherman of the Boston Globe threw that zinger out there, and let’s just say it’s stuck like gum on a shoe. This flick’s wackiness is pure genius—or at least, genius in a boozy clown sorta way!

Why is shakes the clown rated R?

– R-ratings aren’t just pulled out of a hat, and “Shakes the Clown” certainly earned its badge with a cocktail of adult humor, a heavy pour of language, and a shot or two of sexual content. It’s not your run-of-the-mill kid’s birthday party, that’s for sure. Instead, expect a mature audience-only shindig where clowns let loose and the punchline often hits below the belt.

What is the gruesome scary movie with clowns?

– If you’re hunting for a clown horror that’ll leave you checking under the bed, “Shakes the Clown” ain’t it. But don’t fret; movies like “It” or “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” are bound to do the trick. They shove the creepy clown trope straight into the spotlight, serving up the kind of spine-chilling antics that turn laughs into screams. You might want to keep the lights on for these!

What clown movie came out in 1992?

– Circling back to 1992, “Shakes the Clown” was already a year out of the gate. But if it’s a 1992 clown caper you’re after, your best bet might be “Aladdin”—it’s no clown fest, but Robin Williams’ Genie is as close as you’ll get to circus hilarity. Otherwise, that year was a little light on the clowning around in cinemas.

Who played the clown in Billy Madison?

– Oh, the ol’ clown in “Billy Madison,” you say? That’s a giggle-worthy cameo, brought to life by none other than… drumroll, please… Adam Sandler himself! Yep, the movie’s lead star slapped on the makeup for an extra laugh. Sandler’s no stranger to wild and wacky, and as this clown, he really hits the deck—literally!

Where do fresh the clowns live?

– So, you’re curious about Fresh the Clowns? Well, for starters, they aren’t tucked away in any old clown car—they’re strutting their stuff in Detroit, Michigan. These fellas took the clown game to a whole new level, turning local fame into a nationwide busking bonanza. High-energy dancing and flashy threads make them hometown heroes with moves to spare!

What movie was Robin Williams filming when he died?

– Oof, this one’s a heart-tugger. Robin Williams was working on “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” when his life tragically ended in 2014. It’s one of those flicks where he sprinkled in his magic one last time, leaving fans with a bittersweet farewell. This iconic funnyman’s swan song is both a laugh riot and a tear-jerker, reminding us all of his matchless talent.

Was Robin Williams when he died?

– Look, Robin Williams was a comet of comic brilliance, but when he passed away in 2014, it shocked us all to the core. He spread joy like confetti, but behind the scenes, he battled some serious demons. It’s a sobering reminder that even the brightest stars might be wrestling with darkness out of the spotlight.

What is the scary movie about the house of clowns?

– Hang on, fear seekers! If you’re dive-bombing into the horror pool, you might be fishing for tidbits on “Clownhouse,” a 1989 fright-fest that’ll make your skin crawl. Now, it’s not “Shakes the Clown” levels of craziness, but rather cranks up the nightmarish knob with a trio of mental patients dolled up as clowns. Totally different vibe, completely hair-raising.

Why was Citizen Kane so controversial?

– Let’s talk “Citizen Kane.” It wasn’t just any flick; it caused quite the kerfuffle back in its day. Its unapologetic take on a media tycoon (a thinly-veiled nod to William Randolph Hearst) ruffled some high-flying feathers. Controversial? You bet. It gave the bigwigs the heebie-jeebies and put Orson Welles on the map as the enfant terrible of Hollywood.

What’s the meaning of Rosebud?

– If you’ve been scratching your head over “Rosebud,” you’re not alone. In “Citizen Kane,” it’s the last word ol’ Kane mutters, and it spins the whole yarn into motion. Spoilers ahead—it’s his childhood sled, a symbol of innocence and happier days before fame and fortune came knocking. It’s the ‘got away’ of his youth, a snapshot of pure, unadulterated nostalgia. Talk about packing an emotional punch!

What does Rosebud symbolize?

– Rosebud in “Citizen Kane” isn’t just Orson Welles yanking our chain—it’s a real thinker. This little sled stands in for what we all leave behind: those golden days when life was simpler, and we didn’t have a care in the world. It’s a tear-jerker of a metaphor for lost youth and the things that money and power can’t buy back. A real gut punch to the feels, if you ask me.

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