April 21, 2024

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5 Secret Sides To Serve With Crab Cakes

5 Secret Sides to Serve with Crab Cakes

When it comes to the savory delight of crab cakes, particularly in a vibrant culinary hotspot like Baltimore, one can’t help but wonder, “What to serve with crab cakes?” Folks, it’s time to step beyond the typical French fries and cornbread; it’s high time to innovate. Let’s embark on a gastronomic journey, unveiling unique companions that pair exquisitely with this Maryland staple.

Unveiling Unique Companions: What to Serve with Crab Cakes

Baltimore is steeped in rich food traditions, where the crab cake reigns supreme. With an array of spices, textures, and tastes at our disposal, it’s quite the adventure to discover the perfect mates for such a beloved dish.

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Accompaniment Type Suggested Dish Serving Note / Benefit
Sauces Remoulade Sauce Classic French sauce, tangy and creamy.
Tartar Sauce Traditional choice, with a tangy flavor.
Cocktail Sauce Offers a spicier kick with horseradish.
Aioli Garlic-flavored, for a Mediterranean twist.
Sides Coleslaw Adds a crunchy texture contrast.
Corn on the cob Sweetness complements crab flavor.
Roasted Asparagus Elegant and light option.
Steamed or Sautéed Spinach Healthy, flavorful green.
Garlic Mashed Potatoes Provides a hearty counterbalance.
Salads Mixed Green Salad Light and refreshing side.
Tomato and Avocado Salad Richness that complements the crab.
Cucumber Salad Offers a fresh, crisp texture.
Breads Artisanal Sourdough Bread For sopping up sauces and added texture.
Old Bay-seasoned Biscuits or Cornbread Adds a local Maryland flavor profile.
Desserts Lemon Sorbet Light, refreshing end to a rich meal.
Key Lime Pie Tartness to cut through the crab cake’s richness.
Drinks Chilled White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay) Wine acidity balance the crab’s sweetness.
Light Beer (Pilsners, Wheat Beers) Complement the dish without overpowering.
Iced Tea or Lemonade Non-alcoholic and refreshing.

Refreshing Summer Slaw: The Perfect Crunch to Complement Crab Cakes

Picture it: the robust flavors of Maryland crab cakes mingling with a side that’s crisp, cool, and utterly refreshing. Enter summer slaw, a dish with deep roots that’s undergone many tasty transformations from its simple beginnings as a Dutch favorite, ‘koolsla.’

Introduction to summer slaw variations

– Coleslaw has evolved from a humble side to a world of variations suitable for high dining.

– Its crunch and tanginess make it an ideal partner for the delicate, meaty textures of crab cakes.

Ingredients and preparation

– Think vibrant, locally-sourced cabbages, carrots, and radishes straight from the farmers’ markets dotting Maryland’s countryside.

– Getting the best produce is all about the look and feel—firm, colorful, and crisp to the touch.

– Let’s break it into a step-by-step concoction that weaves in Baltimore’s very own flavors—a splash of Old Bay, perhaps?

Expert tips and variations

– Baltimore’s top chefs suggest a slaw with less mayo, a swap for tangy apple cider vinegar to marry with crab cakes seamlessly.

– Whatever your taste—vinegary or creamy, spicy or sweet—you can fine-tune your slaw to your heart’s content.

– And let’s not forget, this slaw isn’t just for crab cakes—you can pair it with a Ravens running Backs worthy spread of Baltimore seafood.

Consumer perspectives

– Patrons of Faidley’s Seafood, a temple of Maryland’s seafood scene, can’t stop raving about their summer slaw—a testament to its triumph on the side-dish scene.

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Ancient Grains Meet Modern Seafood: Quinoa Salad as a Side for Crab Cakes

As we dig deeper into “what to serve with crab cakes,” ancient grains like quinoa can’t be ignored. Boasting health benefits aplenty and a nutty essence, quinoa is taking Baltimore by storm.

Introduction to ancient grains

– Quinoa, once a staple for ancient civilizations, has now captured the heart of Maryland’s innovative kitchens.

– It’s a powerhouse of nutrition that happens to play nice with seafood, supporting the succulence of crab cakes with its protein-rich goodness and earthy base.

Recipe innovation

– Envision quinoa tossing and turning with a blend of classic Chesapeake Bay spices—heavenly!

– A zesty, herb-infused quinoa salad that can sidle up next to your crab cakes and make them feel right at home is what we’re crafting here.

Cooking techniques

– The key is to simmer quinoa just right; fluffiness is a virtue here.

– Baltimore’s culinary magicians have a knack for weaving in local zest—imagine a hint of crab seasoning for that quintessential Maryland flavor.

Public reception and trends

– At places like Thames Street Oyster House, the quinoa salad side dish evokes an intertwining of healthy living with the indulgence of seafood, a trend that’s picking up pace among Baltimore’s food-savvy crowds.

Edamame and Corn Succotash: A Fresh Take on What to Serve with Crab Cakes

Take a leap back in time to when succotash was a go-to for Native Americans and has since been tailored into a side that sings with crab cakes.

Historical context of succotash

– A delve into the annals of culinary history uncovers succotash’s Native American flair—a simple, hearty companion for meals over the centuries.

– Its makeover into a modern classic starring edamame and sweet Maryland corn seems almost fated.

Ingredients and preparation

– The stars of our show are kernels of corn with their sun-kissed hue and crunchy edamame for a fresh, poppin’ texture.

– With a sprinkle of sage guidance, we’re plating up a side that’s equal parts traditional and trendy—a true Maryland miracle.

Professional insights

– The savvy chefs of Baltimore have been known to give succotash a little extra kick to buddy up with crab cakes.

– Dollops of butter, chopped herbs, maybe a splash of white wine—small changes to make a dish soar.

Personal industry experiences

– Maryland farmers beam when they see their produce showcased in such a thoughtful dish that honors their hard work.

– Culinary leaders reflect on succotash’s resurgence, crediting the local angle and seasonality as key to its appeal.

Oven-Roasted Asparagus: A Vibrant Veggie to Serve with Crab Cakes

Asparagus might just be the underdog we didn’t know we needed alongside crab cakes. It’s time we sing praise to this emerald beauty.

The allure of asparagus

– Maryland-grown asparagus is coming into its own, from farm to upscale tables, as a worthy adversary to tired sides.

– This veggie is not just about good looks; it’s a treasure trove for health, tender yet firm when given the oven-roasting treatment.

Culinary techniques

– Achieving the pinnacle of roasted asparagus is an art, one that marries well with the luscious complexity of crab cakes.

– Seasoning is pivotal; one must consider the synergy of flavors that dance alongside the crab’s sweetness—lemon zest and garlic do the waltz quite well.

Chef recommendations

– Local chefs, those trusted custodians of Baltimore’s cuisine, provide wisdom on achieving that desired char and tenderness.

– And if we’re talking upscale, why not explore a wine pairing suggested by Barretts Grill to elevate the crab cake course to art form status?

Local reactions

– Diners at establishments like Woodberry Kitchen share stories of asparagus’ triumph on plates next to the revered crab cake.

– Conversations abound regarding the freshest of vegetable sides, indicating a collective move towards greener pastures on our plates.

Zesty Lemon Rice Pilaf: A Citrus-Infused Companion for Crab Cakes

Lemon rice pilaf offers a dance of flavors to stand toe-to-toe with crab cakes—think a burst of citrus meeting the sea’s sweetness.

The origins and versatility of rice pilaf

– Pilaf is well-traveled, a global dish that’s found a unique pitch in Baltimore—delicious ambiguity in a bowl.

– Lemon’s tartness cut through with the sweetness of crab creates a flavor profile that’s got food enthusiasts talking and tasting.

Breaking down the recipe

– Ingredients that call Maryland home—herbs, spices, even a touch of Old Bay—bring the local essence to international grains.

– Follow the aromatic path we lay out, step by easy step, to a pilaf that will dazzle both eye and palate.

Expert input on flavor harmonization

– Wine advice pours in from Charleston Restaurant, guiding us to bottles that can stand up to the citrusy vivacity of the side—think crisp, unoaked whites.

– Finding that flavor balance between zesty and sweet is akin to crafting a What Is The Simplest form Of elegance on your plate.

Reception and modifications

– Lemon rice pilaf has risen in the ranks as one of the public’s darlings when nestling next to crab cakes.

– Flexibility is key; with tweaks here and there, it can be made to suit vegan diets, gluten intolerances, or that fussy eater in the family.

Conclusion: Curating the Perfect Crab Cake Meal with Innovative Sides

Our exploration of “what to serve with crab cakes” has hopefully served as a veritable feast for your culinary imagination. These sides are not mere accompaniments but co-stars elevating the crab cake to new heights.

Synthesizing the side dishes

– The flavors, textures, and colors of these sides breathe new life into every bite of Baltimore’s beloved crab cake.

– Choosing the right sides is an art form, a reflection of the sense we make of our storied and diverse communities.

Future outlook and trends

– Trendsetters predict a move towards sides that are both health-conscious and deeply rooted in local heritage.

– The coming years will likely see a continued celebration of innovation on Baltimore’s plates.

Personal touch

– My own forays into these pairings have been nothing short of revelatory—a delicious testament to the creative spirit of this city’s chefs.

– I entreat you, dear reader, to venture beyond the traditional; savor these combinations, and perhaps even craft your own.

Closing thoughts

– This culinary coupling is a testament to communal tables and shared history, a confluence of taste and time that extends beyond Baltimore’s borders.

– We invite you all to mix, match, and share your crab cake pairings. After all, each plate is a story told; let’s make them stories worth retelling.

Discover Delightful Dishes: What to Serve with Crab Cakes

When you think of Maryland and its iconic seafood, crab cakes are likely the first thing that pops to mind. They’re the star of the show, but every star needs a strong supporting cast! Below you’ll find a fun and engaging trivia section full of interesting facts that will guide you through creating the perfect ensemble of side dishes for your crab cake feast.

Zesty Coleslaw: The Perfect Pal

Let’s talk about a side that’s as classic as it gets. What’s crunchy, refreshing, and dresses up in mayo or vinegar better than Hailey Bieber on the red carpet? You got it—coleslaw! Word on the street (or should we say, whispers in the kitchen) is that coleslaw and crab cakes go together like peanut butter and jelly. Think of it as the Justin to Hailey—we’re talking about that magical kind of pair that just seems to make everything else come alive. By the way, have you caught the latest buzz? Well, whisperings say Hailey might be sharing some exciting news soon. Catch up on the latest scoop about Hailey Bieber possibly being pregnant. But don’t let that distract you, back to the coleslaw!

Garlic & Herb Roasted Potatoes: The Crowd-Pleaser

Oh, potatoes—the ultimate chameleon of the culinary world. Roast ’em up with a blend of garlic and herbs, and you’ll have a side so tasty, it might even steal some thunder from your crab cakes. It’s like that unexpected hit gadget everyone’s talking about—undeniably cool and practically irresistible. Speaking of cool gadgets, have you seen the chatter about the Nothing Phone 2? It’s definitely giving tech enthusiasts something to talk about. Much like those roasted spuds will give your dinner guests a conversation starter.

Grilled Asparagus: Sophistication on a Stick

Asparagus has a way of bringing a little elegance to the plate, kinda like wearing a swanky Rains backpack on a rainy day. It’s functional, yet oh-so-chic. And when you grill those spears to perfection, they get a smoky flavor that complements crab cakes like they were both born for it—what better way to show off your grill skills and your good taste, all at once?

Summer Corn Salad: A Spoonful of Sunshine

Imagine capturing the essence of summer in a bowl. That’s what a fresh, vibrant corn salad does. It’s about as essential to a crab cake spread as good tunes are to a road trip. You know, like how the Beverly Hills cop cast had that hit soundtrack that you just can’t help but groove to? A corn salad brings the beats to your crab cake party.

Old Bay Seasoned Fries: Because Why Not?

If crab cakes are the MVP of Maryland cuisine, then Old Bay is the coach. Why not throw some fries into the mix and let them bask in the glory of that legendary seasoning? It’s like discussing great football players in Baltimore without mentioning Ray Rice. Yes, there’s history there, and with Old Bay, it’s all good history. Serve these fries on the side, and watch them disappear faster than the last slice of pizza at a party.

There you have it, a bunch of tantalizing sides so good they might just cause crab cake envy. A side note—no crab cakes were hurt in the making of this tantalizing article. Go ahead and get serving; after all, what’s a good crab cake without its trusty sidekicks?

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